About Tillowz

Tillowz is a limited liability company established in January 2011 in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Family-owned and operated, we emphasize three key principals: Community, Quality and Service

The following principals are cornerstones of our company:

  • People and relationships first.
  • Top quality pillows and first rate service are essential to our customer’s happiness and our success.
  • Giving back to the community through charitable contributions and actions is a vital part of our mission.

Making a Difference Through Our Workforce

Tillowz LLC partners with CTC Manufacturing a nonprofit who employs adults with disabilities to sew and assemble our pillows.

CTC Apparel PlusCTC Manufacturing is a 501(c)(3) private nonprofit organization established in 1970 by a group of concerned parents of children with disabilities.   Originally located in Jim Thorpe, CTC moved to a larger facility in Beaver Meadows in late 1980?s.  Their mission is to “Empower each worker with a disability to achieve the highest level of individual growth and independence through life skills training, on-the-job training, mentoring, and employment in a competitive work environment.”

Our History

Tillowz pillows came from a simple, yet ingenious idea. The creator Helen, desired to give her roommate Susan a beach pillow as a gift. Susan’s family has a house at the beach and she spent many summer days at the shore.  Helen saw a similar pillow at a high end boutique store, but wanted to make the pillow more carefree and easy. She didn’t want Susan worrying about damaging or dirtying the pillow while on the beach.  She wanted something you throw in your bag without hesitation. She worked with a pillow form, bath towel and Velcro and voila – the beach pillow that is now known as Tillowz was born.

After giving Susan the pillow, Helen received many requests for similar pillows from family, friends and people who just happened to pass by on the beach. For years Helen created the pillows and gave them to others as gifts. And rest-assured every time the family member or friend was at the beach, they were asked by nearby beach goers “Where do I get one?”

While enjoying time on the beach, the family always romanticized about one day starting a business and selling the pillows to other beach goers.  In 2010, Christina, Helen’s niece and long time pillow owner, motivated the family to put their thoughts into actions. Tillowz LLC was created and the beach pillows debuted in Spring 2011.

Since then we have learned a lot about our customers and pillows. We had Tillowz placed in eight retail stores and began direct sales as well. Interacting with our customers through direct sales, we were able to gain valuable insight about their needs and wants. While the pillows were definitely appreciated for the beach and pool, our customers were extending their use beyond the beach and pool and using the pillows for travel (cars, planes, boats), babies and toddlers, sleep overs, camping and more. We learned that Tillowz were not only perfect for the beach and pool, but also for any outdoor or on-the-go activity where you might want a rest.



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